Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Should You Ignore Symptoms?

The body (like this tree) has one method of telling us that something is wrong – it creates symptoms. In many cases, we take medicines that stop our bodies from giving us the message that something is wrong, or cleaning out the offending virus or toxin.

A runny nose, itching skin, sensitivity, weak nails can all signal toxins and a digestive symptom breakdown that can lead to disease.

Weight gain, acne and thinning hair, which are all common symptoms of Glucose allergies. Women may suffer from lack of libido, a deep voice, low mood - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS which can be controlled by reducing Glucose in our food.
Chewing ice, or a craving for ice, may signal the need for calcium.

Binging may signal the onset of Type 2 Diabetes.

The point is, you should pay attention to things that change in your body and health. They could be symptoms that something is wrong with your system. Pay attention. Don’t listen to people who say ‘don’t worry.’ Instead, research the symptoms and try to find what is the problem before something breaks (like this tree.)

Understanding Love

Love is a pattern of relationship that is designed to bring people closer together.

Stage One: Attraction

They say that we are attracted to other people by pheromones - their scent. This arouses in us feelings of passion and excitement. We often overlook this person's faults because we are 'so in love' with them.

Logical thinking and cognitive reasoning fades as we make statements like:

They are perfect
They meet all my needs
We are soul mates
He is the one
We were born to be together
We are perfect together

This grows as we date. We can date for a long time because the pheromones are not with us 24/7 so we receive a fresh rush every time they enter our lives.

Stage Two: Romance - Romance/Passion

This can be different for different couples.

Couple A may 'out date' the rush and see the person for what they are and then just drift away.

Couple B may not 'out grow' the rush, but may see the cost of a relationship as 'too high' at this time in their life.

Couple C gets married. They are now together all the time. Many people wake up the morning after wondering what they did. The 'shock' of realizing they are married to a normal person is too much for their system. There are faucets that need fixing - and don't get fixed. Dishes that need to be done and don't get done because of work problems.

What ever transpires after the first few months, the 'rush' fades. Many people feel that they are falling out of love. This is not true. What is 'really' happening is that your body is growing accustomed to their pheromones, so you no longer get a rush.

Stage Three: Romance/Passion - Passion/Intimacy

We start to build a relationship. Most of us find this a little difficult. If we are mature then we will stay in the relationship. After all, we know that there is nothing better out there - and we have developed deep feelings for this person.

Those who have not grown up want to leave. They only wanted to be in the marriage for the rush. They never wanted to be a 'real' husband/wife.

To continue in a relationship we need to learn that love without action will die. Millions of people came together through arranged marriages. Many of these people learned how to fall in love.

The people will need to put some effort into the relationship. They will need to say 'I love you' and do nice things that makes the other feel better. (the truth about love: Your ability to feel love is directly related to your ability to give it. If you do nothing in the day to make others feel loved, then you will not be able to feel love.)

There are 5 stages of love:

Today many relationships go through the first three stages within a year or two, whether married or not. They often feel they've fallen 'out of love' before they reach level 4 or 5

The good news - if you push through then you'll not only reach commitment, but those who do hit the end learn that the cycle never stops. The couple will return to level one and continue through until the day they stop working at their relationship. At this time, everything just fades and dies. The couple becomes a stranger.

Not all relationships will grow. There are three types of people and romance:

Selfish Romance - this occurs when a person acts romantic for the purpose of gaining something -- like gifts, self-gratification, sex, help paying bills or with house work, or someone to talk to. This in itself is not a bad thing, the five languages of love are:

  1. Words of Affirmation - talking, saying nice things to each other, compliments, sweet talking, romantic poems.

  2. Quality Time - this type of person wants long walks, romantic dinners, theater nights, and snuggling infront of a fire/movie.

  3. Gifts - if this is true, then it doesn't matter whether the gift is a rose wrapped in a lace bow, or a card with a little surprise in it. If the gift is not true, then the person will measure the gift's value by its price tag.

  4. Acts of Service - there are some people who don't want diamonds or poetry. They will feel loved if you take out the garbage, help them with dishes, or help them get a project done.

  5. Physical touch - this person may think they have it easy, but it is hard for these people. The need to be touched, stroked - more than sex.

(b) Selfless Romance - when someone understands the love languages and cares about the other person they act romantic for the sheer pleasure and enjoyment of their partner. You receive enjoyment and pleasure through others happiness.

Selfish romance dies quickly. Romance is an "act" that feeds on itself. It can die, but with a little effort, it can be brought back to life. Sometimes a couple can even ignite the rush of pheromones.

The Truth About Sleeping

A Canadian study, published today in the medical journal Sleep, tested 276 adults between 21 and 64 years of age. They tested short and long duration sleepers. They found that 35 per cent and 25 per cent are more likely to gain 5kg (11lb) compared with average duration sleepers who maintained 7 hours sleep.

Short sleepers gained 1.98kg (4.3lb) while long sleepers gained 1.58kg (3.4lb).

The risk of developing obesity increases more than 27 percent for over sleepers.

Previous research suggested that sleep loss could disturb the production of hormones that control the desire for calorie rich foods. The level of ghrelin, the hormone released by the stomach to signal hunger, was 15 per cent higher in people who sleep five hours compared to those getting eight hours.

Lack of sleep leads to tiredness during the day, which reduces the level of physical activity.

The alarming statistics are for those who lack sleep. People who sleep five or fewer face a 70 per cent risk of dying from all causes - and twice the risk of death from a cardiovascular disease.

Professor Jim Horne, director of the Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University, said those whose sleeping habits exceed seven hours, or who regularly get less, should not despair. They are not at risk.

"There is a great deal of evidence now that sleeping less than five hours a night is linked with putting on weight," he said, "but it's a very slow weight gain over a number of years."

So, enjoy a full night’s sleep.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

HealthNiche, A Health Blog: What Are Probiotic Yogurt Challenges?

I found a blog that has several excellent articles on yeast infections. I spent about 2 hours reading Dana's posts today. She gave me permission to link to some of the articles I think you'll like reading.

HealthNiche, A Health Blog: What Are Probiotic Yogurt Challenges?: "to"

If you're scratching your head about what the fuss is with probiotic yogurts and seemingly mysterious two week challenges, here's a bit of advice that can demystify.

We all have bacteria in our bodies. We have friendly bacteria in our bellies that helps to break down food and overpower unfriendly bacteria. It works as an integral part of our chemistry. Positive flora is something that is in probiotic bacteria which can enhance digestive functions and your immune system.

In a healthy body, we should have enough positive flora to do the job but when things go out of whack, it can make this a challenge and the result can be that we don't digest as easily as possible which impacts how we feel and will impact our colon transit time (a.k.a. how often you have a bowel movement.)

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Online Pharmacy

I've been shopping online for a while. Everything is moving 'online' even pharmacies. They are one place where you can get lower costs on everything from allergy medicine and cialis generic brands. The shipping takes about 10 days and is secured.

My husband is starting to look at generic cialis. We are not ready to give up our pleasure, but we are not as young as we use to be. Making jokes can only go so far. Sex is a part of a healthy relationship and a healthy body.

I was alarmed when I went on the website - at the number of medications that help problems I've had, but that my doctor never told me about. I was a little angry that this information was held from me. Now, I plan to take a more active role in my health, and make sure the doctor gives me a 'reason' for not prescribing over-the-counter drugs that could help relieve my pains.

When Health Food Stores Go Bad

I went into a health food store a few years ago with the objective of testing the ‘specially trained technitain.’ I asked what medical ingredients were in willow bark. I was assured that their willow bard was 100% organic and there was no medical chemicals added.

I took another step and asked if there were any medical ‘properties’ and was again assured that there are not. I finally asked why willow was good for my allergies. They assured me it was because natural things interact naturally with other natural things to help them work better – I left feeling uneasy.

The fact is that most of our medicines contain these ‘natural’ elements that are a part of our herbs and natural plants. Each of the properties that heal are – indeed – medical in definition. They are medicinal ingredients.

When a health store misrepresents this, they down play the importance of making sure there is no reaction between the medical properties in natural products and the pills that you are currently taking. It amazes me that herbalists in stores can do the same job as a pharmacist, but do not need any training.

I am sorry, but I can walk into my garden and make a tea that will help heal. I can also walk out there and make one that will kill. There is no way to measure the number of people who have died because of an interaction between medicines and holistic medicine.

Herbs and nutritional supplements can cause health difficulties. I remember one of the most shocking instances I’ve ever seen. It was in a published book. The book said to take comphry internally which we all know causes liver disease and other internal problems.

If you want to take herbs and natural supplements then you need to contact a National Institute of Medical Herbalists (
But, try a good diet first. Foods should always be the first line of defense. They can help symptoms, and even reverse the damage caused by disease.

Stay Young

I've read a lot of other books on aging, but this is the first one that offers really credible advise instead of fountain of youth elixirs and snake oil! I particularly liked the easy-to-implement "Action Steps for Better Health Tips" found throughout the book, 63 of them in all. (I've already started doing many of them!) Virginia

I have started to find books that give people the information needed to stay healthy. It is no secret. I was talking to a friend of my husbands the other day and he said 'I'll be as healthy at 60 as my parents are at 80.'

The message is getting out.